Walking the Talk


Walk Your Talk

I share a lot of practices through this blog, all of them tried and true by yours truly.

Often, I’m told that I’m lucky to be where I’m at, and I suppose this is because to outsiders it looks easy.

People don’t always see the work and time I put into what I’m building. The struggles I face and the doubts I have to push aside.

They don’t see the girl who was too shy to talk loud enough, preferred books to people, was embarrassed of accomplishments, and afraid to try new things.  They don’t see the girl who’s been there and overcome that.

Most time, people think I’m lying when I talk about who I was because they see the woman who is comfortable speaking in public, building up the crowd, inspiring and supportive, open to new experiences, accepting, and generally successful.

They just can’t put the two images together and see how one became the other.

I can tell you it took more effort than I knew I had in me.

People just see the results.

I’m OK with that.

Today I Want To Share What I’ve Been Building:

You’ve probably seen the link to Balanced U added to my page recently (actually, I know many of you have even clicked on it!).

Well, Balanced U is officially launched and open to the public.

Balanced U is a tool to help people build out all aspects of their lives – too many people focus just on career, or just on love, or whatever. All parts of life are important, and deserve attention if we want a true and constant happiness.

Balanced U is more than just a tool though; it is a movement for people who stand for leading lives they love. For people who reject that everything should revolve around work, but instead should be led with passion and lived for experience.

The Processes:

I’ve poured everything I have into it – love, sweat, and tears.

Everything I’ve shared with you about building your life to a stable point, developing your understanding, and building yourself up, has all gone into the making of this.

I overcame fear, defined my future, maintained my why, and worked with the Law of Attraction.

I’m not perfect, and of course I slip sometimes. But I always get back to these basics.

One Step at A Time:

You probably are wondering why I put everything up before it was officially launched.

It’s a great question, and I could have waited until everything was ready.

But too many people get stuck waiting until everything is in line to start. Perfectionism can be a real pain.

I didn’t know how long it would take, and so I just did. I took the step without knowing that it would be ready when I wanted it to be. Actually, I’m a little ahead of schedule!

Do It When No One Is Looking:

When I first started talking about the idea for Balanced U, I’m not sure so many people believed it would ever come to life.

I think a lot of people just humored my idea, but then brushed it off.

I’m appreciative to those people who took that route instead of just put me down. Talking about an idea is part of the process to bring something to life (Thoughts, Words, Reality, remember?)

For a long time, no one was really asking me how the business was coming. When I first put the site up, a lot of people seemed surprised by it!

The key for me was just maintaining the right habits and the right mindset for myself, and not worrying about anyone who was watching.

It’s Easy to Talk… But You also Have to Walk:

I want to be successful, and I want to make the life I dream of for myself. I’m sure I’m not alone in those feelings.

Since I’ve been sharing with you all for so long the different pieces of the puzzle, I wanted to share the big picture and how it’s starting to fit together.

I’d love to hear your stories as well – how is your life starting to come together??