Resolutions for 2014


Thoughts become words, and words become actions. This is the natural process of how thought becomes reality, and so I want to declare my resolution openly.


I intend to change the world by finding and connecting with as many people as possible who believe humanity needs to change, and are ready to manifest that change in their own lives, one step at a time.

Life should be enjoyable on the whole, and we are going to make that a reality for most (if not all) people!

For 2014…

My resolution this year is to: Break Free of the Current, and help others to do the same! I will do this by:

  1. Paying off ALL of my debt by years end.
    1. Credit Cards will be clear by April.
    2. Student Loans by the end of the year.
    3. Follow my passions while helping others.
      1. is a collective work that details my experiences and lessons learned. Ideally, this will offer others the benefit of my experience to enhance their own lives.

i.      Provide free learn at your own pace content. First up: Budgeting.

  1. Officially launch BalancedU, Inc, which is dedicated to helping people make the changes they need to live fulfilling lives.

i.      Focusing on coaching clients who want to make their lives better (by their own definition).

ii.      Running the retreats and workshops.

  1. Work on my Books, publishing at least one before the end of the year.

i.      Break Free of the Current will be a comprehensive guide on how to achieve Freedom in today’s America.

ii.      Life Would Be Better If… takes a look at some of the bigger issues faced today, and how you can make small changes in your life to work around them.

Some other little goals for the year:

  • Get Healthier
    • Eat Better – as winter came I’ve gotten a bit lazy about eating properly. It’s time to get back to eating seasonally, and having a healthier breakfast. I also bought a magic bullet for this – because it takes less cleaning.
    • Expand my Garden – as part of the above, and to have a better relationship with nature, I’m going to put together a raised garden and grow a portion of my food.
    • Exercise program – I’ve had to take a break from my normal exercise program due to injuries (martial arts is like that). Now that I’ve gotten the ok from my PT, I am going to start practicing Yoga as a softer alternative to exercise I’m used to.
    • Continue Training with Roxie (my adorable boxer puppy)
      • Walk training – first we are learning how to heel properly, and eventually we will get comfortable with off-leash walks.
      • Stopping the Jumping – she is just too excited when new people are around, so this is a priority.
      • Roaming Free when she’s home alone – slowly but surely, Roxie is getting comfortable with this. As it is now, if I’m gone more than an hour, she will destroy something.

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