Sorry Folks, have to have them!

1. Copyright:
All content published through this site is automatically covered under copyright laws. All quoted material must be credited back to the author. It is not to be distributed or re-published in print or electronic forms without proper consent in writing from the owner and author of JesWithOneS. 

If you wish to use material published by JesWithOneS, please use the form on the “Contact Jes” page. 

2. Guest Posts:
Any and all content submitted to JesWithOneS as a comment, featured guest post, or article, can be redistributed for sale at anytime by the owner and author of JesWithOneS, without payment, name credit, and consent from contributing authors; Unless otherwise agreed upon in writing prior. If no agreement was made prior JesWithOneS owns all content submitted as guest post. Thank you for your compliance. 

3. Content:
The author reserves the right to not be responsible for the correctness, completeness, quality, or topics posted herein. The author is not responsible for any content linked to or referred to through this site. 

Any actions taken by readers that are directly and/or indirectly influenced by the content on this site, are done so under his or her own free will. Any responsibility for damages incurred is thereby the individuals alone. Any claims to liability on the part of JesWithOneS and it’s contributors will automatically be rejected. 


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