About Jes

I’ve always been told that I’m a Free Spirit, though I never really thought about what that meant until a couple years ago. When I finally took the time, I started to see what people meant. I’ve never just accepted what I’m told as gospel – I’ve always listened to the advice given to me, but I then analyzed it on my own, and decided whether it was worth its weight. This habit has served me very well, and led me to some great experiences; though I’m sure it’s been fairly frustrating to those authority figures I didn’t agree with!

The further I get into life, the more distance I tend to want to put between myself and conventional wisdom. When I first got into the real world, I wanted to make a lot of dough. I still do, but working a 45 hour week plus unpaid overtime to only take home half of what I earn isn’t really working for me. I am not super satisfied with the education systems in place – I believe it is outdated for the level of technology we live with. Medicine has gone too far in the direction of short cuts first, and the true fix last. And I think the economy and government could do a bit better (I’m sure I’m not alone here!).

Still, the rules of the world are not mine to modify for everyone. What I can do is find a way to play within the rules, and still lead the life I know I’m meant to live. This has required a couple perception changes on my end, and sweat equity to boot, but it is well worth it. My goals are to follow my passions, control my own time, build some great relationships, and always strive to be a better person one step at a time.

Random Questions:

Current Residence?

Greater NYC area!


American. But my heritage is a mix of: Irish, Czech, Italian, Russian, Dutch, & Native Amerian.


I have two Bachelor’s from the University of South Florida (Marketing and Management degrees, with a minor in International Business); I graduated a year early with 196 completed credit hours.

I also continue to take classes, seminars, and earn certifications. Currently, I am working on a cert in Green Medicine, becoming and ICF certified coach, and studying meditation.

What do you like to do for Fun?

I love to experience new things; that is my number one favorite thing to do. I love books, food (cooking and eating), writing, learning, connecting with new people, personal development, mediation, martial arts, camping, backpacking, dancing, being outside with my puppy Roxie (with weather permitting of course), traveling, hanging out, discussing (anything), natural medicine, reiki, business, and helping people discover their passions.

What’s Your Sign?

Aries – I was born April 3. And for those of you Astrology nuts (I say this with love), my ascendant is also Aries, my Moon is in Libra, and Venus in Taurus.

And Chinese Zodiac?

Earth Dragon.

What are your thoughts Religion?

I’m still figuring this out! I do believe there is something, and I don’t believe there is one religion that is better than the rest. At the end of the day, if you are striving to grow into the best person you can be, and you aren’t hurting anyone else, I think you are on the right track.

What IS the point to it all?

I believe there are lessons to be learned in a lifetime, regardless of how long that life is, that are custom to each individual. I have a few ideas on why, but nothing I’m confident enough in to share. Whatever the reason, or even if it’s true, becoming the best version of yourself cannot actually hurt. And neither can striving for true happiness.

How do you become Truly Happy?

Finding that answer is actually the point of this blog, but the really quick and condensed version is that you fulfill the three components of being human: Body, Mind, and Spirit.

  • The Physical Body is fulfilled by staying healthy. This doesn’t mean use the quick fix – modern medicine is great but it should be used only for extreme circumstances. Otherwise, stick to nature first to actually cure yourself.
  • The Mental Body is fulfilled by connecting to yourself and following your passion. We often give up what we love in exchange for a miserable job. But you get so much more from something you love, and you have the energy to do it tenfold.
  • The Spirit is fulfilled by taking the time to connect to the world. This includes relationships with friends, family, etc, being part of a community, and even spirituality.

All three connect back to each other through your energetic body, and if you want to be whole, you need to make sure all three are taken care of!

My Pup Roxie and I!


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