A Note From Jes

Welcome to my blog!

What do I want to accomplish? Like many others, I am looking for my Raison D’être; I want to live a happy and fulfilling life. Over time, this blog has become a record of the lessons life has saw fit to teach me.

It started while I was overseas, which I believe is an exceptional way for someone to open his or her perspective, and really get in tune with the world. Transitioning from student to professional in a city far away from family and friends has also presented a lot of challenges and lessons to be learned. And of course, personally attacking the million dollar question: “What’s the point?” allows never ending insights into life.

Ultimately, I believe life is about becoming the best possible person you can, while finding contentment in what you have. Sharing what I’ve learned is my contribution to anyone who wants to personally develop, and find a way to live a happy natural life in a very modern world.

Please do leave a comment on anything that resonates with you. Share your opinion or experiences, so that others can benefit from you as well! Whether you do or don’t, I hope you enjoy!


My Pup Roxie and I!


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