About JesWithOneS

This is a documentation of my journey to personal fulfillment. It includes information on topics I am exploring, experiences I am going through, and my personal reflections on them. My hope is that my experiences will benefit others, and have a positive impact on the world.

Over time, I have come to a few conclusions that make up my foundation.

  • First, each person is made up of three parts – a physical body, a mental body, and a spirit – which are connected via an energetic body. Without putting time into developing each one, a person cannot be truly balanced, and therefore never truly content.
  • Second, Life is also made up of three parts – a right relationship with nature, a spiritual journey, and experiences. All three must be regularly attended to truly find inner peace, and become a more Balanced U!
  • Third, there is never just one correct way. You can get to the same destination a thousand different ways; it’s just a matter of finding the one that suites you best. In this regard, everyone has an internal compass and knows what is right on an internal level.
  • Fourth, we need to get back in touch with nature. The further society moves from this fact, the unhealthier and unhappier we will become.

You, dear reader, will benefit by taking in my experiences and thoughts, exploring the ideas for yourself, and determining what is true for you. If you like something, or have a personal experience, please share in a comment!


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