Living with Intention: Decide Your Own Outcome

FirewalkingIf you have a map, but never decide where you want to end up, you will have no control over whether you get there or not. You are completely at the discretion of outside circumstances.

I prefer to be in control of my life; it’s part of my DNA. And consciously setting my intentions has made a huge difference in my satisfaction in life.

You can do this in just a few quick steps:

  1. Center yourself so you are not distracted.
  2. Think of the desired outcome in as much detail as possible. Include all the senses and how you will feel when you have it.
  3. Commit to the outcome. You are going to act, and get the results you want.
  4. Thank the Universe for its support.
  5. Get on with your day, and trust in the outcome!

You may or may not get exactly what you want. But at the end of the day, would you prefer some of what you want or none of what you want? Personally, I would prefer something over nothing.

The three different places I’ve been able to see a lasting and consistent impact are during meditation, physically, and in Life overall.


One of the first and most frequent was during meditation. Initially, I was really confused by this concept, and wasn’t quite doing it correctly. I was too vague or not really setting anything. So I started looking into what Intention really was.

Here’s my definition:

A determination to act in a specific manner, for a specific desired outcome.

Once I got to that conclusion, my meditations became a lot more effective. For example, focusing on a specific type of healing during a meditation was good, but focusing on exactly what issue was truly being healed was amazing!

Physical Exertion:

Another place I see it repeatedly is at Physical Therapy. Don’t worry, I’m fine – when I was about 10 I injured my shoulder and never did anything about it. And then I continued to re-injure it regularly growing up. Bottom line is I have a labral tear and I’m finally doing the work to take care of it.

One of the exercises I have to do is wall push-ups. Because of the damage done to my shoulder, I have a tendency to protect it, and use the wrong muscles. During this exercise, I have to intend to push out with my back before starting, and maintain that intent through the push up. It’s a weird feeling, but very effective.

It’s the same for another exercise where I’m lifting my ribcage without using the muscles in my arms. Then I have three types of breath – belly, solar plexus, and throat. The half way breath is one I had to intend to learn. It’s amazing what the body can do when you give it a chance!

In Life:

You can have a huge impact on your quality of life by intending your outcomes. This works in all aspects of life.

  • At work – maybe you have a huge proposal that will set you up for the rest of the month and you want slam it shut. So intend that to be the outcome!
  • Or even looking for a job – you’re going to nail your interview and get exactly the job you want.
  • Maybe you want that special someone to say yes to a big question.

So intend it! That’s the key. Plan out what it is you want to achieve, and decide to do it. More often than not you will win.

The challenge:

Living with Intent works because our energies resonate at stronger levels when we are focused, and those energies are what draw outcomes to us.

Try to (or just do it actually) Intend at least one thing every day for 3 weeks. See how often you get what you wanted!



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