Law of Attraction: How it Really Works

law-of-attractionWhen I joined the workforce, my Grampa would tell me that I “should never teach anyone to be as good as me at my job.” He said it was because I would more than likely lose my job if I did, because I would be more replaceable.

While I never liked this concept, I’ve seen it over and over again in business, and in life. Survival taught us to have a “this is mine, go find your own” attitude. Personally, I try to overcome this inclination because working with someone gets you so much farther in terms of progress.

Still, when I learn about concepts like the Law of Attraction (LOA), that really get you ahead in life, I always wonder what’s been left out.

Consistently I see partial explanations all over the place of what the LOA is, and how it works. Just googling “the Law Of Attraction”, what I learned from the first page of results is:

  • Whatever you think about will manifest in your life.
  • There’s no such thing as a negative, i.e. “Don’t let me be late” reads “Do let me be late.”
  • The more you think about something/the stronger the thought, the more likely it will happen.
  • Motivation cannot come from a negative, fear or desperation-based, place.
  • Good Feelings = good reality.
  • It is powered by the Universe.
  • It’s happening whether we are using it intentionally or not.

None of these are actually wrong; they are just not the whole picture.

So, in this post you will find the following: A) What the LOA is, B) How it Works, C) How to Work with It, and D) Real Examples.


The guiding principle of the world that signals what each life needs in order to flourish, and ranks it in terms of importance by the level of intensity.

The Rules:

1. The universe communicates in Feelings.

This means that you cannot simply think the words “I’m going to make a million dollars this year.” You have to Feel it. You have to experience what exactly life will be like once you have it. The more frequency and intensity at which you experience something, the more likely you will receive it.

2. It speaks a neutral language – meaning there is no positive or negative.

The universe’s job is to maintain order in the world. To make sure that everything prospers to its fullest potential. So it takes the energies that every living thing produces, and pairs it with similar energies so they grow together.

3. Importance and Priority is determined by Intensity.

The stronger the need, the higher the priority. So if you have a dream of being wealthy (for example), but your present situation demands that you not be late and that you stop fighting with your significant other, and that’s what a majority of your thoughts are going to, then that’s what the universe is going to sense first.

4. Greed is Not Need.

There is a screening process to determine what is truly needed. The ultimate goal of the universe is for you to reach your highest potential as a soul, and that is what will be fulfilled. So if your motivation is fear, desperation, greed, laziness etc, I wouldn’t hold my breath waiting to get what you want.

Also on this note, it doesn’t hurt to be thankful and appreciative of what you currently have. No one likes to work hard and have it go unnoticed, the universe included.

Using the Law Of Attraction Consciously

As with most things in life, there is not just one right way to effectively work with the law of attraction. The key is to take the rules above, and do what feels the best for you. Here are some of my favorite techniques:

A Thousand Words are Worth a Picture – Take one moment, and create a picture for yourself. Include what you are doing, why you are doing it, what you have, who’s with you, etc. Go as deep as possible, adding details like how you got to where you are and where you are going from there.

LOA MeditationGet yourself into a calm and safe place, decide what it is you want, and experience it in full color with as much emotion as possible. When you are finished, Thank the universe not only for what you have, but for taking the time to listen to you, and get on with your day.

If you’re local to NYC/NJ, I highly recommend checking out the stuff hosted by James at Bene Mudra!

Dream a Little DreamThis is one of my favorite ways to relax before I go to sleep. I used to have a terrible time getting my mind to settle down, but focusing on who I want to be and what that life looks like is fun and interesting. It is probably this habit that makes it so easy for me to daydream at any point and time I happen to be bored.

Trust in The OutcomeKnow in your heart that everything will work out. Sometimes, timing is not quite what you wanted. And sometimes, what you want won’t actually be good for you. But overall, just believe that you will get what you want, and don’t stress out about it.

Real Life Examples

I love the Law of Attraction; understanding it, and consciously choosing to practice it, really can make life more fun and interesting.

Example One: 

Ma tells me I did this without thinking about it for things growing up; a big example is travelling to Japan as an exchange student. The idea that it might not work out never even occurred to me. I simply was going to apply, and beat out the other 700 kids at my university that wanted to go.

I honestly barely even remember anyone questioning that this would work, though I know it happened. Ma even wanted to make sure I didn’t get my hopes up too high, and was trying to nicely explain that since so many other people applied, it was nothing personal if I didn’t get chosen. I’m not sure I was listening…

I just knew it was going to work, and believed it. I talked about it, and planned out things I would do. I put a lot of good energy into it.

That’s a big example though; how about a small one?

Example Two

One day in the early spring – I believe it was 2012 –  I was on my way to meet a date. It was a Saturday, and there was a work event in the morning, but the date and I were meeting for lunch. I decided to walk because the weather was pretty nice, and it wasn’t that far.

I walk a lot due to my job, so I was kind of power walking and day-dreaming at the same time. I’m not entirely sure what sparked the daydream, but I started thinking about being stopped and given flowers by one of the shop guys in the city.

As I was walking, I came up to one of the streets I could take to get to the restaurant, that I knew had a lot of flower shops.I decided to take it given the little fantasy I was playing in my head, and that I thought it would be nice to see all the fresh flowers.

And all the way down the city block, I’m thinking of being stopped. I’m smiling and just enjoying myself, kind of starting to believe it’s going to happen. Then I pass the last shop, and I laugh out loud at myself. Right then, the guy says, “Hey miss, hold on!” and starts putting a bunch of flowers together into a bag.

It still makes me smile to remember that experience. There’s definitely a certain energy at work when the LOA is about to take effect – and if you’ve ever felt it, you’ll never forget.

Call to Action

Now you have my story, and my understanding of the Law of Attraction, no holds barred. Try it out for yourself, and see what happens. The worst case is, you are in exactly the same position you are in now!



2 thoughts on “Law of Attraction: How it Really Works

  1. I have been practicing the LOA a whole lot in the past. I have seen the Universe work wonders in my life these past few months, I’m going to speak on that a bit tonight! I’m glad to know I’m not alone, thanks for sharing Jes! 🙂

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