Thank Your Way To Happiness

Source UnknownWith the Thanksgiving holiday fast approaching, I’ve been putting some thought into what I’m thankful for so that I have something good to say at the beginning of dinner. Our family tradition is to go around and everyone gets as much time as they want during the first serving. We usually hit on a lot of the big things – family, home, food, health, etc.

Really though, why is it only one day out of the year we practice gratitude? And why are we typically only recognizing the big ticket items? There is so much to be thankful for EVERY DAY! And when you recognize it, your life can be greatly improved in a few different ways.

  1. You will be happier! The number one benefit is for your own satisfaction in life. Taking a minute or two every day to think about what you appreciate in life, no matter what it is, will really change your perspective. The studies I’ve seen show an overall increase in satisfaction by 10-20%.
  2. People will want to help you! When someone knows you appreciate the effort they put toward you, it motivates them to do so. It makes it enjoyable, so the situation is more of a win-win. And next time you ask, he/she/they will be more willing to help you again. Just remember to pay it back when they come to you!
  3. Life will pay you back! This falls into what you attract in your life, but the general idea is if you always focus on want, the universe thinks “not ready yet.” But, if you appreciate what you have already, and what it does for you, the universe thinks “can handle more!”
  4. You will be a Better Person! When I see people that can’t seem to say thank you, I always am reminded of those seagulls in finding nemo; the ones that only know the word “mine!” and repeat it over and over.

There are a few different ways to implement these practices into your life.

Say it Out Loud: You could very simply just make it part of your dinner ritual for everyone to pick something they were grateful for during the day.

Write it Down: A really powerful technique to see results is to keep a Gratitude journal. All you need is a small notebook that you take a moment to write in every day, maybe before bed, everything that you can think of that you appreciate. After a month or two, you will have a pretty solid list to fall back on after a bad day.

Put some Thought into it: At the beginning of this month, I participated in a mediation on gratitude. It starts off getting into the zone – completely relaxed and focused. Once we were there, the initial focus was to just think about all the things we are thankful for in life.

The Real Challenge:

Being thankful for the times we struggled, were hurt, or the people that hurt us. It’s important to consider this aspect, because while getting the things we want important, the hard parts are where we really become strong and grow. And very often in life, it’s from destruction that comes a new beginning.

Whatever works for you, take the time to do it!

Please share something you’re grateful / thankful for below! If you’re really daring, share a struggle you faced and the good that came from it.


4 thoughts on “Thank Your Way To Happiness

  1. Thank you, thank you, thank you for this post. I can’t stress enough how implementing gratitude could potentially transform lives 360 degrees. I’m grateful for the unlimited flow of abundance that has and continues to flood my life. Many people regard Abundance in the terms of the riches that one has acquired; a beautiful house, car, clothes, jewelry, TVs, electronic devices, ect. While all these things a great, serve us and bring us joy, we take for granted, in my opinion what it means to feel and knowledge true abdudance. I refer Abudance to enjoying what Mother Nature has already supplied for us. The Sun, the crisp air that we breathe, the gift of engaging our senses. The ability to See, Smell, Taste, Touch, Hear and of course the sixth sense our intuition; our Kinesthetic sense. These are true gifts that we all seriously take for granted. Let’s take a moment to acknowledge them, to say thank you for my eyes that are able to see the beauty in this world, thank you for my ability to smell all the beautiful aromas that surround me constantly, thank you for my ability to taste, ahhh yes the ability to taste all those spectacular flavors gushing and swirling around in my mouth, thank you for my ability to feel and touch, what a gift! Thank you for my ability to hear, to listen to other peoples beliefs and opinions, to listen to the people you love, to be able to hear the waves crashing and beautiful new born babies laughing and crying, just writing this evokes such a powerful sense of gratitude. And oh yeah that amazing ability to feel one’s way through life. Let’s call it our intuition. That awareness that we could tap into. That gut feeling that gives of direction without even thinking about it. Wow what a miracle. Just to simply be human is such a blessing. We breathe without telling our bodies to breathe. We are here living on this planet, free for the ride, to do whatever we please. We have the power to choose how our lives turn out, what we what to accomplish and achieve. If you were alone on this planet, would you still want to live?
    Deep right? You may stick around for a while and enjoy what life has to offer but I truly believe the relationships we cultivate are what matters most. ITS THE PEOPLE IN YOUR LIFE. If one is blessed with a family. Thank you. Merely the opportunity to meet with other beings and establish contact is such a blessing. To be able to connect, share, love, give and receive is quite a thing. The more you give from your heart and the more love you put into giving the more satiation you will feel. The more joy, content, fulfilled and full you will feel. I can assure you dear ones. This is the way. Enjoy what life has to offer, enjoy the people you have, stop and look around once and a while. Soak it ALL in. It’s a beautiful thing 🙂

    • Jake, what a beautiful answer!

      You nailed it on looking at the little things that are always present to be thankful for. These are the things that make happiness a choice in life – could you imagine if we really needed material things to enjoy life? What a bleak world that would be!

      And I agree relationships are key. Those connections are what make it safe for us to grow and develop as people. They are what makes life most worth living, 🙂

      Thanks for Reading and Sharing!

  2. Great post, Jes. This is why Thanksgiving is, far and away, my favorite holiday (also, the football doesn’t suck).

    I’m grateful for so very much right now. Grateful for the “big ticket” items you mention.

    Grateful to be surrounded by so many brilliant and inspiring people in my life, and for the energetic lift I’ve felt from them lately. Grateful that I’m taking them all less for granted than I had been until recently.

    I’m thankful for my gifts and the new opportunities to share them I’m now discovering every day.

    I’m grateful for the comments readers leave on my blog, each of which seems to spark at least one new idea for a future topic to explore. And I’m thankful for new friends (and their blogs!) like you.

    Happy Thanksgiving, Jes!


    • Thanks Brian! I’m glad we met and look forward to developing our friendship!

      I’m glad you have so much to be thankful for! And you provide a perfect example of how gratefulness brings you back more in return!

      I definitely look forward to seeing what else you post!


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