Get to the YES

winner-winHaving sold a variety of very different products/services, I firmly believe that if you know how to sell, the product doesn’t actually matter. Of course you will have to hold onto a basic arsenal of product knowledge, but the skill itself is transferable regardless.

  • Active Listening – All the time I hear that “Salespeople are good talkers” which is actually the opposite of what you should be looking for. People feel like they’ve held a good conversation when they’ve done most of the talking, and the other person was actively interested in what they were talking about.
  • Relationship Building – When a person feels comfortable with you, and wants to work with you again, they will buy from you. The saying goes, people buy emotionally and justify logically.
  • Ability to Simplify – The easier something seems, the more likely someone is willing to do it.
  • Follow Through – If you promise a customer something, you best be able to deliver.

So the question becomes, what does it actually take to get someone to say YES when you are selling to them?

1. Show how working with you benefits them directly. Office Managers don’t really care where they buy paper from, and the status quo is good. So why should they change? How does it affect the DM’s job? {Read: Identify the Pain and Solve it!}

2. Get them more than just the product they are purchasing. You have insider knowledge for the industry, you are the expert, so what can you teach them that they will value?

3. The risk must not outweigh the reward. If anything goes wrong, the DM will be held responsible. How small can you make the risk, and how does it compare to the benefits of switching.

4. Make the Players feel like VIPs. Everyone wants to be the most important person in the room. Do the extra bit and see how far it gets you.

This is what the customer needs to get from your interactions to increase the likelihood of saying yes. Figure out how to do that in your industry, and you will be at the top.


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