What You Put In IS What You Get Out

magic_lamp_1920x1200I was working with a customer today, and he was very impressed that I just picked-up and moved so many times, particularly doing so overseas. I get this a lot, and I think a big part of what makes this so impressive is the perceived courage it takes to attempt that kind of risk. When I did it though, I wasn’t really thinking about what could go wrong. I was just thinking about what I wanted to happen. When I moved to Japan, I wanted to have a lot of fun, make some friends, and learn Japanese. There wasn’t any room in my mental picture for what could go wrong. Or even that someone else would get my spot. I simply never considered it.

Part of the ability to be so optimistic came from being so young. It didn’t occur to me that it wouldn’t work out, because I had so little experience with things like that falling apart after I worked for them. I’ve learned as I’ve gotten older that it’s a lot easier to consider what could go wrong than it used to be. Especially the more responsibilities I acquire.

I see different versions of this all the time in different venues:

  • For sports/athletes, we talk about visualization. Remember gym class, “See the ball going into the hoop…” And it’s a very common practice that is proven to increase performance.
  • I’ve been recommended frequently to put together a vision board (which is a great idea and perpetually on my to-do list), so that I have a constant reminder of what I want to achieve out of life.
  • Writing out goals is the same principle. Done completely, putting your goals in writing and the steps it will take to get there is putting in stone what you want to achieve.
  • The Secret movie/book that basically states what you think is what you get. So if you say in your head “I will be a millionaire,” so it will be. If you say, “my life sucks and I will never be happy,” same deal.

Still, I’m constantly surprised by how few people actually practice some form of this. I personally believe that if you truly know what you want, and believe you will get it without fail, it will be true. Period.

I know what I want my future house to look like – custom made with lots of land. I can walk through it and picture what everything feels like, the life I will have there. Never mind that building a house is expensive as in the land. Someday, I will have that. I just have to TRUST that I will find my life heading in that direction.

So, to get your started on your Law of Attraction Journey, here’s a little exercise to start with.

1. Give Thanks – Always take a minute to appreciate what you already have.

2. Think About What You Want – Put together an idea of what it is that you want. Include as much detail as possible. (i.e. I want to exceed my quota every month by at least 35%).

3. Visualize it Happening – Imagine you on your way to getting what you want (i.e. Customers saying yes) and then what it’s like to have what you want (i.e. spending the commission check!).

4. Feel It – Think about how you’re going to feel when the outcome you want has come to life. Remember that feeling!

5. Work for It – You can think all the positive thoughts in the world, but if your thoughts don’t move you’re feet, you will never get there.

6. Trust in The Outcome – You have to believe it will happen as long as you are doing the right things. Don’t harp on it all the time, or think about it constantly. Just KNOW it will happen.

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