Eat the Frog

frogSo my hiatus in the last few weeks has largely been due to my moving and other events that took up large portions of my time. Even so, I was thinking about the theme of the OfficeMax 2013 Kick-off meeting: “Eat the Frog!”

Really, it meant to face the things that seemed difficult head-on, and get them done with. That’s kind of how I felt moving – I’ve gotten pretty good at it to be honest. We counted; in the last 7 years, I’ve moved 19 times (I have no real desire to move again soon). One of the bigger projects for my new apartment was painting before I moved in, and there was a bit of a time crunch due to an issue with the keys.

When it was time to do the trim, it was Tuesday night the week leading up to me moving in. I wanted more than anything to just go home and rest – I was sore from painting and cleaning all weekend and the night before, and work wasn’t any less busy because I was moving. But instead of thinking about how much I wanted to rest, and how much I didn’t want to do what needed to be done, I pushed myself to just get it done, and I’m glad I did.

It’s very easy to procrastinate and put things off, especially if you’ve been doing it successfully your entire life. I was definitely the kid that waited to the night before an essay was due to finish it, and I’d primarily come away with A’s so there really wasn’t any negative repercussions to this.

My least favorite thing in sales is cold-calling a new list. I kind of hate it (most people do, and if they tell you otherwise they are probably lying to someone…). I can very easily find a million little things to do instead that are technically important for work. But really I’m hurting myself, and I have to consciously decide to just jump in and get it done. Usually, when I do this right away, I tend to see better results anyway.

My trick to this: Don’t think about it. Just act – it’s a lot easier to move forward with someone when you’re not thinking about how much it sucks.

Good luck!

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