8 Survival Rules for Business


Last weekend I had the opportunity to get back to nature and go on a 6 mile hike followed by camping out in the Appalachian. It was very exciting to take a step away from technology and figure out how to get life done without electricity. I’ve always enjoyed camping and spending time outdoors, and this trip reignited my interest in the subject. While researching the subject, I found a bunch of Survival Rules that cross over into business.


1. Live with the Beginners Mind. Experience and knowledge let you get too cocky, and miss out what’s going on. Be present in whatever you are doing, and take the opportunity to learn from the new experience instead of letting the past turn you into a Zombie.

images (1)2. Keep it Cool. Shit happens in life and in business. Plans don’t always work out, curve balls are thrown at you, and murphy’s law will take effect. And sometimes, you have to let out the emotion before you can get to a clear place. The key is to get there quickly, make decisions based on reason and logic over the emotional impulses.

images3. Keep an Updated Mental Map. Maps on paper are great, but don’t depend on them to match reality 100%. Constantly take time to evaluate your landscape, and how it relates to your original outline. Never assume it’s correct. The most successful prepare for what they can, but aren’t chained to their original plan.

4. Keep a Positive Attitude. It’s easy to lose yourself and just focus on the negatives when things start going bad. Use humor to alleviate the tension, and focus on what you can do instead of what’s standing in your way. Always move forward, but don’t forget to take time to celebrate the little victories as they come.

help-up-mountain-iStock_000011493906XSmall-300x19915. Have a Purpose. The most successful people are able to push themselves because they do


it for someone else. Humans are social, and soldiering on is much easier when it’s for someone or something you care about. Working for money is great and will do enough, but when money is an afterthought and you are motivated by something bigger, your energy will expand 10 fold along with your income.

6. Set Manageable Goals. It can become very overwhelming to look at the big picture end goal from the start. Break it down into reasonable strides, and take it one step at a time. If you have to, work backwards getting smaller and more specific the closer you get to your current position. Recoup after each goal, and start again.

images (2)7. Rely on Yourself.  Very rarely in life will a white knight come along and save the day. Take responsibility for yourself, and make happen what needs to happen. As a leader, it’s your job to create the best possible situation, and get there.

8. Take Calculated Risks.  You might be able to chug along for a while playing it safe, but eventually you’ll come to a point where you’ll run out of resources. If you see an opportunity that will save you if you’re successful, and you’ll drown anyway if you don’t, take it.



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