Welcome Roxie!

IMG00006For years I’ve wanted to get a dog. When I was on my own in college, I didn’t know what my life would look like five years later – if I would be working in another country or traveling constantly, so I opted to get Kira instead. I am very lucky with her because she’s a great cat – for the most part anyway!

In the last year I’ve made a lot of changes to my life. I have a stable income, and work reasonable hours. I eat much healthier. I live in a 1-BR instead of sharing with too many people.  Generally just an upgrade to my life all around. So I’ve decided it’s finally time to get a dog!


She fell asleep in my arms while I was talking with the breeder.

She fell asleep in my arms while I was talking with the breeder.

I had no idea how complicated the process could be when I started out. I did have a jump on the whole process by knowing that I wanted a boxer. Of course there’s the big debate on whether to adopt or purchase a pure-bred. Ultimately I decided I’d rather pay up front for a dog that should be healthy long term. Doing the research, I learned that boxers go for upwards of $2000, and anything less is likely to be a puppy-mill.  No way was I paying that much, so after reaching out to several breeders, I settled on an older couple in Lancaster, PA. To be safe, I made the three hour drive to check out the place.

All appeared to be well, and I enjoyed speaking with Martha. They had gotten four boxers – one for each of their grand-daughters. They will breed them for the first few years, and then the original dogs will go with their respective person. So this sounded good and family oriented to me, and didn’t cost me $2K, so I thought it’s all good! And, I fell in love with the puppy that fell asleep in my arms!

Two weeks later it was time to take her home! So I made the drive down to Lancaster one more time. Martha was really kind and invited me to dinner knowing how long a drive I had. After signing all the papers, it was time to bring Roxie back to NJ! She’s quite a sweet and purposeful dog. Loves all people and loves to play (much to the jargon of my downstairs neighbors). Overall I’ve been very lucky with my pets: she is very smart and easy to train. And all she wants in return is to sit by me whenever possible!


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