Myth Busters!

So I was sitting at home on my computer doing goals and kind of playing different TV shows in the background. And while I was flipping through MythBusters was on discovery. For those who haven’t, it’s about these two guys (I think they’re a couple) that look at different myths and test them to scientifically prove truth or not truth. So, for example:

  • Penny falling from the empire state building can kill someone.
  • Can a laptop protect you from a bullet.
  • Can an airplane toilet create enough suction to get someone stuck.
  • How to beat a radar gun.
  • How many balloons does it take to list a 40lbs child from the ground?

I started thinking about different myths associate with success, specifically financial success. So, I want to ask some questions – think of the answer before you read the answer.

  1. How much does the average millionaire make per year?
    1. $77K yearly. They are just great savers.
  2. What percentage of millionaires inherit their wealth?
    1. Less than 10%
  3. What car does he/she drive?
    1. Ford Taurus.
  4. How many hours does he/she work per week?
    1. The average person in the US works 40 hours/week. In Japan, 60 hours/week. France is 35 hours/week. The average millionaire works 80 hours per week.
  5. What schools did he/she attend?
    1. Less than 10% went to an Ivy League school. Though, 80% are college graduates.
  6. Where was the millionaire born?
    1. 60% of US millionaires were born in other countries.

Most of these things surprised me. I definitely thought millionaires typically made a lot more and drove porches and other crazy nice cars. (I got a lot of these answers from The Millionaire Next Door.)

Really what this showed me is that being a millionaire doesn’t require anything exceptional. Most people didn’t have any real advantages coming into it – in fact 60% at least had to start from even less than most of us as foreign nationals. It really just takes hard work and dedication to achieve what you want.


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