Your Personal Story

People want to follow someone they think can achieve something in life. Thus, they want to know where you are going in life, in where they would be going should they follow you. They also want to know why you are moving in that direction and what’s motivating you.

This is they 3 steps I broke my personal story into and some basic questions to get you started in the right direction. My written personal story has more detail than I necessarily tell, but it has the things that are consistently important to my development and goals. At the end, I’ll include mine.

1. What’s your history?

  • Where’d you grow up?
  • Where did you go to school/ what’d you study? Were you involved in any clubs or sports? Did you have any special achievements?
  • What challenges have you overcome?

2. Where are you now and why?

  • What do you like about your life/ job?
  • Why are you here? What’s the benefit to your life? Has it changed from when you first started?
  • What’s important to you?

3. Where are you going and why?

  • What are your long term goals?
  • What’s your motivation?
  • What kind of life do you want to live?


I was born in upstate New York, but grew up in St. Petersburg Florida. As a kid, I was legally blind, and my teachers didn’t know through second grade due to me having an audio graphic memory. After that I wore corrective lenses, and had the ICL surgery in the spring of 2009. I skipped the last 2 years of high school and attended college classes instead. I attended the University of South Florida and studied Business Management and Marketing – actually graduating with 2 Bachelor’s. While enrolled at USF, I was an exchange student in Japan, and lived in the country for 1.5 years. After my time in Osaka, I wasn’t ready to go back to the US so I moved to South France for 3 months. After graduation I moved to NYC in order to have more international opportunity as well as a faster pace to grow my career.

I started with our company in New York City. Initially, I thought the opportunity for growth was great if it was true, but moreover it’d be great experience to put on my resume. After seeing several offices promoted out, I became more focused on the opportunity to run my own company. Now I’m motivated by the freedom of opportunity professionally and in life, as well as the ability to help as many people grow as possible.

Ultimately, I’d like to have multiple businesses running. Aside from growing within our company, I’d like to get a real estate company going both in terms of renting and of buying and selling property. I will also open a fashion company that focuses on providing quality clothing at a lower cost, and markets via body type. A long time down the road, I’d like to found a school that is performance based and moves students as far forward in terms of intellectual ability as possible, regardless of age. And, finally, I’d like to retire running a martial arts school. Throughout life, I’d like to be able to spend at least 1 month in another country. I’d also like to have a house on the Mediterranean, most likely in S. France. I’d also like to retire speaking 5 languages fluently.


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