Impulsing in Dating

Just a fun way to look at the impulse factors. 🙂

Fear of Loss – typically this is product based. In dating, you are the product!
Talking about things you are doing with other friends and fun times you’ve had. Occasionally being vague about who your friend is – is it a guy or a girl? Leave it at friend.

Urgency – Time based. What’s your schedule look like?
Don’t drop everything for your date – if you have plans feel free to let him/her know. Suggest another time you are free if you are interested. Also, if it’s last minute, I’m usually busy regardless if busy means i’m sitting on the couch watching Criminal Minds… 😉

Greed – people want the most for what they put it.
How awesome are you? What are you good at? Find ways to show (indirectly has the strongest impact) what makes you a great catch. Try dates that show off your strong suits and avoid mentioning your weaknesses.

Indifference – It doesn’t matter what you do or when?
Personally, I don’t like to chase – I want to be chased. If I offer and someone is hesitant, I’m not gonna push the matter. Really, just don’t get too attached to the option. If they don’t want to do something I’m gonna drop it. I opened the door by asking at all – it’s his job now.

Jones Effect – People want what others have.
In terms of dating, this is where your wing-man comes into play. It’s his/her job to talk you up to the person you’re interested in. It gives your potential date the perspective that you’re awesome and other people thing so too!

Suggestion – Give out ideas.
If you want to do something with someone and don’t quite want to ask, talk about how you think it’d be fun to do xyz and see if he/she takes the bate.

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