360⁰ Review

One of the hardest thing to do is to ask other people to point out your weaknesses. And it’s difficult because actually listening to the response is against typical human nature. So, what I came up with is this worksheet.

Personally, I intend to give it to my guys and have them fill it out so I can read it privately – it’ll give me time to really digest what they say and grow from it. I’m not asking them to put their names on it to help with honesty.


360 Review
One’s own perspective is often limited by his or her own ego. To truly be an effective leader, you must seek to understand what other’s see in you.

Reliable: Is this person dependable? Can you trust that what they say will get done?


Pacesetter: Does this person perform well in the field? Do you question their ability?


SAD Principle: Does the person look and act like a manager? Are they someone you want to follow?


Positive Presence: Do you want to spend time with this person? Dose he/she bring the energy level up?


Student Mentality: Is this person seeking out ways to grow (reading/1 on 1’s). Does this person take criticism from others?


Low Maintenance: Does this person have ALL aspects of life in order?


Problem Solver: Does this person look for solutions?


Accountablilty: Does he/she take responsibility when something goes wrong?


Integrity: Do you trust this person to do the right thing ALL the time?


SWOT: Any other area’s this person needs to work on or is doing well? If he/she is your leader, how can this person help you more effectively? Is there anything you want them to work on?

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