Christmas 2009! And my first in NYC!

So, I started christmas a little early by going to Binghamton the weekend of the 19th. I really wanted to learn to make Kolachki from my Grandma. This was definitely an excellent experience for me, and I can’t wait to make more next christmas!

That mini-trip was very nice because I got to spend time with Dad – he drove down to Poughkeepsie to pick me up from the train station and we talked a lot on the way back. I also showed him how to use VZ Navigator. 😉 I did a lot while I was there – the standard Brozetti’s Pizza dinner, trip to the office, made two batches of cookies, and did a Quill order for Dad. Of course, we also exchanged gifts.

For Christmas week, Ma and Billy came to NYC! We were joined by my bro’s girlfriend on christmas day. It was really nice to spend time with them here.
I worked on the 23rd, so we got together for dinner that night. We went to an Indian restaurant called Darbar. I definitely don’t recommend this place for a second – but that’s another blog post. Still, we had a good time together.

On Christmas Eve, they came to see my apartment. (Just for those of you not used to subways – make sure to look at what number/letter the train is on the actual train. Several probably come to the same platform. 😉 ) Billy hung out with Kira while Ma and I went to the nail salon. Afterword, we had an excellent lunch at a place called La Rioja. I recommend that completely! So check out the post on that as well!

That night, we decided to have Christmas Eve at the hotel. We did check out the holiday light show at Grand Central initially. It was a nice, free, event to check out. So if your in the area next december, take the 10 minutes to enjoy it. On the way back we did a little “window” shopping. By which I mean we spent 20 minutes trying on hats in a store at Grand Central.This was a blast too!

Initially, we wanted to get Taboo to play as entertainment for the night. But we waited a bit too long and most everything was closed by the time we started looking. We did, however, find a comic shop. In which we found an awesome edition of Janga! It is Donkey Kong Janga! We played this game for hours (I think they actually kept playing after I passed out form complete exhaustion)!

The next day, Emily arrived mid-morning. Her flight was actually 40 minutes early – which is why it’s awesome to fly christmas day. After getting her settled in, we went to Candance’s for Christmas dinner.

The food was delicious and plentiful – I was so stuffed after this meal that I really wasnt hungry for the next couple days. Everyone had a pretty good time together, and it was a very nice party! I’m glad we all got to go and enjoy that together.

For the next few days, we basically saw the sights in NYC. We went to rockefeller center to see the tree, central park, times square, china town (i love this activity – and I think emily did too), etc.

Also, Billy got to power one percent of the day’s goal to store enough energy for the ball to drop on new years eve. It’s on the third floor of the Charmin place.

While everyone was here, we of course saw a play on broadway. We got tickets at times square to see Superior Doughnuts. This was an excellent show – it was mentally very stimulating. It had the right ammount of humor and the right ammount of seriousness. If you get the chance (it’s on when you’re in NYC or the travelling broadway company brings it to a town near you), please go to see it. You wont be disappointed.

And that ladies and gents, was the rundown of my christmas. 😀

Here’s one last pic:

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