Giants v. Cowboys

Alright, so I know this one is a bit late. But, I’m gonna put it up anyway. 😉

On Dec. 6, 2009, I (Giants Fan) lucked out and was able to attend the Giants game with Tihana (Giants Fan). Fortunately for me, her friend bailed last minute and I scored the ticket! So, I ran around and got everything done very very fast, and met Tihana at Penn Station so we could take the train to the Giants stadium.

Of course, before the game, we had to tailgate. We ended up getting there later than the rest of the group, so we had to find them. We were looking for lot 13 – which, little did we know, was pretty much on the opposite end of the parking lot. So, we kept calling Candace (Cowboys Fan) every 5 minutes trying to figure out if we were there yet.

It was a lot of fun chilling before the game. fortunately everyone  was a good sport despite being on opposing fan teams. There was a lot of good food and talk, and it was easy to pass the time before the game started.

But we were so not disappointed to start watching game – it was totally freezing. Especially up in section 333. Ha!
I dont care how weak it might be to have a blanket – I’m so glad we did. And it was a great game to watch so that helped to keep us warm. And, I know the idea is that it’s better to sit in the first level, but I like the view from the third teir, especially when your in the front-most rows.

When the game was over and we cleaned up the Cowboys, Tihana and I went to meet the rest of our group. We later found out that they left before the game was over (couldn’t handle the defeat… tsk tsk). But, that’s ok because it allowed for us to have a great adventure on the way home.

We made a couple of friends (picture left) and had a party on the train! What happened was that the next train turned out to be 1 1/2 hours late. A couple of guys waiting for the train also had a refurbished boom box (it was like one of the ones dudes used to cary on their shoulders hooked up to play an iPod). So, there was a party on the platform while we waited. And, we took it on the train too! It was probably the most interesting train experience I’ve had to date, since we were dancing to 90’s music and enjoying the win.

And that was just another of my “I moved to NYC” adventures. 😉


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