Yesterday I went to the International Language Exchange that I found through a Japanese group. I was thinking this would be a good way for me to practice my Japanese, and hopefully make a few new friends as well. I’m really glad I went, because afterwords, a few of us decided to go out and grab something to eat.

90 Baxter St, New York 10013 (Btwn White & Canal St)

We had a great time eating here, and trying several dishes. We did it Japanese style – meaning we ordered a few dishes and shared everything. I love going out and eating this way, because it allows you to try more food and spend way less. With 6 people, we each got out for $8 or less including the tip.

Also, the food was great! Very authentic Malaysian, Thai, and Chinese. The crispy vegitarian spring rolls were delicious, and served with a sweet sauce.

The other thing we ordered off the appitizer menu was the chinese pancake (I believe it’s called roti canai). It was served very much like indian curry and Nan, where you rip the pancake and dip it in the coconut curry sauce. Also very good.

We also had Laksa noodles, which was very good. But it definitely had an after-bite to it, so heed the little chili symbols on the menu if you are sensitive to spice. My favorite was the Ginger Pork and Rice. It had a bit of a sweet side to it. And I can never say no to Ginger.

After all, it was a really nice evening. John, who introduced the restaurant to everyone, said “it’s a good date restaurant.” Which explains how he knew all the servers.

It’s definitely a place I can recommend to anyone who is open to different culture’s foods. (^_^)


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