Halloween In NYC

Me and Super Ray!My first ‘holiday’ in New York City! Not a bad one to start out with.

Friday (the 30th) I went to a party at Boyd’s apartment in the Financial District. I went with Candace, Ty (her bf), and Ray (AKA Super Ray). There was a great turnout at the party, including Candace’s parents. 😀 And Ray got to hangout with Gibson – dressed as Batman. Or Batdog. Or what have you.

Ray loves to play catch. Which added a whole new element to beer pong that night. Whoever was playing had to be very careful not to let the ball go flying – or at least to get it before Ray noticed.

Did you know Super Dogs have laser eyes? ;)

Ray and Gibson had so much fun together, that Candace decided they needed to have a sleep over at her place. They enjoyed this, and it was a riot to bring two dogs uptown in a taxi.

The Skeleton's at the Parade

Unfortunately, this Dude shot his hand up as I was snapping the best picture of the night.

On Halloween, we went to the Village to watch the parade. This was a ton of fun – thousands of people dressed up just to watch. And the Parade was pretty cool too.

There were the skeleton’s that symbolized the Hispanic bride and groom. I don’t particularly remember any more about that tradition though. And there were skeletal dragons (like the one’s you see in Chinese parades).

There were also a few dance groups, including a huge one that did the Thriller Dance. I have to admit, this was pretty cool to watch. The “Single Ladies” dance was good too – there were a couple guys who were really enthusiastic in it.

The downside to the night was that it was pouring at some points. Which is the primary cause of many pictures not actually coming out. But after the parade we (Candace, Boyd Sr., and Cathy) went back uptown and watched the Yankees beat Philly. I was the only Yankee fan in the group though.

Mr. Incredible Running the NYC MarathonSunday, we went to watch th runners finishing up the NYC Marathon.

It’s 26.2 miles to run, and it’s all over the city, including bridges. I also hear that there’s a two year wait list for individuals to get in because so many people want to run in it. But, if you join a group, it’s possible to get in in one year.This is however hearsay, so take it with a grain of salt.

The winner of the male race was Meb Keflezighi, who finished in 2 hours, 9 minutes, and 15 seconds. The winner of the female race was Derartu Tulu, who finished in 2 hours, 28 minutes, and 52 seconds. The grand prize is $600,000.

I’ve also heard that Justin Timberlake ran this year. We, however, did not have the opportunity to see him. Every year different celebrities take part in the festivities. Major names are not announce though, to avoid any riots.Me in Central Park watching the Marathon


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