Tatsuya and Yasu Visited NYC

The first weekend of October, I got to hang out with Tatsuya and Yasu while they were here on a field trip. I believe it was the ESL classes that came here together. They all stayed in a hotel off 9th Ave.

The first day, we walked all over. There were a lot of places to see, so we started in Times Square; actually, we met there at the red steps.  Then we planned to go in basically a square to hit the places we wanted to see. From Time’s Sq., we went to Central Park. After walking around a bit, we went and checked out the carriage line with the horses.

From there, we headed toward the United Nations Building, which I’ve been wanting to check out for a while. I was really glad that Yasu wanted to go look at it! On the way we stopped in a few stores that the guys liked, including Tommy Hilfiger.After that, we went to Grand Central Station. It’s really a cool place to see. The architecture is beautiful, and it’s still a very active hub. We also went to H&M that night, and the guys found a few things they liked. Yasu found an Eskimo hat that was pretty cool.

It's really hard to take a night picture with my current camera. 🙂

After a break where they went back to the Hotel to check in with their group manager and I walked Ray, we met up again. We went to the Brooklyn Bridge to walk across and see the view. I barely made it a quarter of the way before the heights thing got me. It’s one of those bridges made with grating so you can see down, and you can see all the cars speeding under you. But, I made it to the center and it really was gorgious! I love city views and it was definitely worth it.

Night pictures blur with any movement, so the best pic was in Black & White!

Their final day in town we walked around and saw a bit more. We also did the souvenir shopping run. By the end of the day, we were getting hungry, so we stopped in a bar and got some dinner. We then planned to go to a club later that night, and tried. But, the first one we tried was way too over crowded, and the second the guys didn’t meet the dress code (for a bowling alley no less!). In the end we went back to the apt and talked for about an hour.

It was definitely a good weekend!


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