Mother’s Day

So, usually for Mother’s day, we make mom breakfast in bed. My brother and I have been doing this since I can remember, and it’s always fun. This year, however, I had to drive in from tampa, so Billy took on breakfast by himself.

Red Velvet Cake in the OvenWhen I got back to St. Pete, I said hi to Mom, and started working on my present: a Red Velvet Cake. This is mom’s favorite cake, so I wanted to make it for her. I found this recipe online, and went to work. I did have to modify the recipe a bit, because I couldnt find the right flour, and I didn’t have anything to sift with, but I had fun making it, and it came out pretty good!

I did frost it a little earlier than I should have, so I showed it to mom as soon as it was finished to take a picture. Mom and the Cake

Afterword, we decided that Mini-golfing would make for a fun day! We hadn’t been in forever, and so we went to Pirates’ Cove.Billy mini-golf It was a lot of fun to do that – it’s something we’ve all enjoyed together for a long time.

We came home and had a nice dinner together. And of course, we had dessert afterword. Dessert


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