Billy’s 19th Birthday

Mircrowave from MeMy little brother is finally 19! He seemed to have a pretty good birthday too. He went parasailing with his girlfriend, and had a family dinner with us.

I gave him a slightly sappy card, which he seemed to appreciate. And then I also gave him a microwave. He really really wanted a microwave to take to his dorm. In the picture, he’s proud that he was right and that’s what he got.

Fridge for BillyMom, on the other hand, got him a mini-refrigerator, and a button that says “One Great Son.” He wore the button most of the night! It was cute. He also stamped himself with my book stamp that says “This belongs to the Library of Jessica.”

He also really wanted the fridge. He was especially happy that we found one that had a decent sized freezer in it, because they are so hard to get.

He made out pretty well this year, and now he’s prepared to go off to college and live in a dorm. 😀

Happy 19th Birthday Billy~!Birthday Cheesecake


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