Barry and Meredith’s Wedding

Ring ExchangeBarry and Meredith got married June 7th, 2009! This wedding completely suited them. It was very laid back: attire consisted of jeans and tees. The entire ceremony lasted about 2 minutes.

The location was Arts on the Park in Lakeland. This was a very nice gallary. There were several pieces that I really enjoyed.

The both of them were really cute and nervous. Meredith had to hide from the “paparazzi” (her term, not mine :)). And Barry dropped the ring in the beginning. But, it just made things that much sweeter because you could see that, even though the ceremony was short and simple, they both felt it as a big step in their lives. Martial Arts peeps

Afterword, there were some snacks and Red Velvet cupcakes for us to pick at. And then the party moved down the street to a nice bar. I had a lot of fun getting to talk to some martial arts (Kenjutsu and Akido) people again. It made me really want to start attending class again, and I’m seriously trying to find a way to go to the Largo dojo.

And finally, a picture of the newly-weds: Beredith :D

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