Me and KiraHey everyone! So, I graduated from USF (in the Spring ’09 semester) with a B.A. in Management and a B.S. in Marketing. There really is no difference, I just wanted the fact that I earned two degrees (and I didn’t just have two majors) to stand out.

I was suprised, because finishing was really an emotional event for me. Graduating high school, I just had to continue. But, this time, I’m really able to say “I’m done.” It’s amazing to me.

Billy, Me, and DadMy Dad arrived the friday afternoon before my graduation. That night, him, my brother, and I went to Gators to get some dinner. And then he and I just kinda chilled a little bit at my apartment. My graduation time was at 9am, and so we got to the Sundome very early (it was about 8:30 – the school recommended 7). The ceremony was 90 minutes, and very nicely done.

Billy, me, and MomCoincidentally, Sean and I ended up sitting in the last row that would walk across the stage. This had the cool effect of the entire stadium clapping while we walked across the stage (I know, I know, it was for the end, but still). Me Walking

Afterword, we had a small party at Mom’s house. She made me an awesome cake! It actually turned out to be a pretty fun event. Dad, Uncle Rich, Armie, Sonny, Meredith, and Emily came. Plus, of course, Mom, Billy, and myself. There was a lot of good food, and a lot of Guitar Hero World Tour – turns out to be a great party game!

I had a really good time, and I still can hardly believe I’ve graduated. It’s such an amazing feeling to me to have moments where I’m free to do what I please.

My Cake!

As for what’s happening now, I’m still a student at USF. Right now, I’m doing an Internship as Independent Study at CBS Radio. I’m also taking French. I really like the teacher I have now, and am happy I get to practice french again! My plan right now is to work for the summer (getting a job on top of this) and save up enough money to live in Manhatten (at least to start with three months worth). So, we’ll see where I am next winter. 😀USF Grad


One thought on “Graduation!

  1. Congratulations Jes! I am so very proud of you and all that you have accomplished! You can now clearly see (quite literally now!) your academic credentials 😉 These degrees are a direct result of your hard work, commitment, and perseverance, and can never be taken away. You have a super solid foundation at only 21 years old, and you can go forward with confidence in any direction you choose. Great job!!!

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