Winter Vacation ‘o8

Luke, Me, and Yuichiro

Luke, Me, and Yuichiro

This year, rather than flying directly to Binghamton to visit family, I realized it was much more economical to fly into NYC. Fortunately, this allowed me to visit a very good friend of mine since high school, Luke.

I flew in the Monday after exam week, and stayed through Friday. I got to meet Luke and his Girlfriend that night. The next day, Luke and I went to meet up with a couple of my friends, and we spend some time in Grand Central Station waiting for them. Then we went all over the place, including the New York Public Library!

Me On the NYC Library Lion

Me On the NYC Library Lion

This trip, I really wanted to do the things I hadn’t had the opportunity to do during past trips to NYC. So, Yuichiro, Hiroshi, and I went to Rockefeller center, and Ice Skated under the giant Christmas Tree. Later, we went to Yoshinoya (a Japanese fast food chain from Japan), and to M&M world. That was a lot of fun, because we got to choose any types of M&M’s we wanted.

Yuichiro and I at Rockefeller CenterM&M Machines

Forbidden BroadwayWe also went to see Forbidden Broadway. This was awesome because it was a very small venue, and we were in the second row. This plot was basically two hours of critiquing all the other plays on Broadway, and the actors were hysterical! This is definitely one that’ll be worth seeing again since the act will change based upon what’s playing.

That Friday, the plan was to take a bus to Binghamton to meet Dad. The trip was supposed to take about three hours, but the weather had other ideas. There was the big snow storm with driving warnings and everything going on. I went to the station early, hoping to avoid the storm. Lukily I did, because I caught the last bus out of the City! We left at 11am, and arrived in Binghamton at 9:30pm! Crazy, right? On the bus, I finished the book I was reading, and then slept the majority of the trip away.

Because of the storm warnings and how late it was, I got to stay with my Grampa! Conviniently, his apartment is across the street from the bus station! I had a really good time talking with him an everything. He’s such a cool guy, and has great stories.

It would appear that I didn’t take a lot of pictures while I was in Binghamton. I don’t know why, because I had a really good time this trip. Unfortunately, it started with a cold (10 hours on a bus, no wonder), but I got over that in a couple days.

We went to my two favorite restaurants while we were there. 1st place: The Lost Dog Cafe. I’ve loved this place for years. The food has been organic since before that craze took over, and it’s 100% pure deliciousness. They have great combo’s that aren’t too pricey. At night, the place turns into more of a bar/coffee house with live music on occasion. 2nd place: Chat-a-while. This place is great for it’s desert. They have  a brownie fudge cake that tastes amazing! The actual meals are great as well, and healthy to boot!

We also went and visited family, who I enjoyed seeing and catching up with again.

Final pic from Times Square:At Times Square!


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