Christmas ‘o8

Christmas TreeSo, I have some of our crazy decorations from christmas this year. First, we decorated our tree with all the decorations we’ve collected since I was a baby, including the bears from my baby mobile.

We had decorations left over, and someone spotted the potted plant in the corner. Of course! Why not decorate that tree as well!

Billy got to put the angel on top of the tree this year. That’s everyone’s favorite job, because she’s such a pretty little doll. We also put out Billy’s nut-cracker and my Czech doll, though you cant’ see them in the pic.

So I didn’t have to go back and forth for the break, I brought Kira to Mom’s while I was there. She aclimated to the new enviroment very quickly.  She was so cute, Kira Chillin' and Keeping and Eye on Thingsbecause she wanted to be around us all the time. If we went outside, she’d try and see what we were doing, by sticking her paws and head through the blinds. I thought this was too funny, because it looked like she was in a guillotine. This is also when we learned that she loves Ice-cubes.

My Tasty Lasagna While I was home, I made a lasagna so that I could freeze it an have meals throughout the semester. It came out really good, and it was definitely a help to have a nutricious meal at the ready all semester.


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