Apartments in Tampa!

Hey Everyone!

So I’ve been living in Tampa since I got back to the states really, and thats had it’s ups and downs.

When I first got here, I moved into ON50 apartments. My Mom had checked it out ahead of time, and it looked pretty nice. But, I guess they were good at selling people, because once I got in, it was nothing along the lines of what I expected.

The room itself was nice; I lived on the top floor and had easy access to the living room and kitchen. But, my roommates were essentailly a terrible match. I’m not cool with leaving food out, or someone leaving garbage infront of the entry way that I used, and that set us up for all sorts of disagreements. Then, there was the dumpster infront of the building enterance! That is most definitely not what I want to walk through on my way to anywhere. Finally, there was the “game room,” that was essentially never available. You couldn’t use it except when the office unlocked it by request, during business hours. Of course, I had classes during business hours.

So, I decided to move somewhere else, with someone I knew ahead of time. This was a great decision! I am actually closer to my classes than I was before, and I have a lot more space. Not to mention I get along with my roommate! I’m even allowed to have a pet here! Which is something I’ve wanted for a very long time!

I also have a really awesome bike that I use to get around everywhere local. I really like riding my bike places, because not only is it GREEN, but it’s a little bit of exercise that I just wouldn’t get if I drove around as much.


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