Yukata in Montpellier

Every Friday (at least so long as I’ve been here) there is a wine tasting at night in the town square. The wine is 3 Euros for 3 glass; a fair trade I think! This is always a lot of fun, and twice I went dressed up in Yukata with Saki.

Yukata are the summer kimono in Japan. They are often warn to summer festivals, especially by the University students. They are really nice to wear, and you can find a large variety of designs.

The first time, we met many people, including other Japanese. We decided we should dress up together, and while Billy was here, we did it again with Kayo.

Every time, we were able to see many of our friends from the school. It was a blast to take pictures with them (and all the other people who asked us to take pictures). It was like being famous!


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