Billy visited France!

Billy came to visit me in France for a week, just after his final exams. We met up in Paris on Monday (the 21st of July) and toured around the city a little bit. He really enjoyed the Eiffel Tower, but as I was terrified to go up to more than the first level, we left it at that.

That afternoon, we went to Montpellier (which is a four hour train ride away), and arrive just before midnight. We were both exhausted, and slept most of the way here.

The next day, and several other days, we went to the beach. The first we went to together was the more touristy. There are actually about 4 beaches you can easily reach from Montpellier, but I prefer the one that you need to take a bus (32) and then a bicycle to reach. On one particularly windy day, we went there.

Billy’s visit also coincided with one of my friend’s last weeks, so we had a couple adventures with her. Particularly, we made curry one afternoon. This was really good, and the girls all found my brother cute. I think he found them cute as well. (^_~)

We also went shopping. This was interesting. Billy amazingly found a pair of pants in the first store we looked. I found a jacked I really like, and am debating with myself on buying it or not. At the mall, Billy also found a shirt that looks really good on him.

And then, time was up, and it was back to America for him. I accompanied him back to Paris, and we slept in the airport. That was an interesting experience if ever.

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