Point Zero

The second week I was here is one of the biggest weeks for my school. There is a program for the French equivalent of TOFEL, as well as the beginner class for summer. (Thanks to being misinformed by CSA, I was here a week early, but it all worked out.)

That Friday night, the 11th, they sponsored a party at Point Zero. There was also a lecture, but it was over crowded, and in French that is still impossible for me to understand. I really had a good time. There was a three course meal, though the first was of Tuna, and I didn’t eat it. And they played a lot of music. Some of it was really old, and not the most popular, but I really liked it. I think it all had a good beat to dance too, and really fit the atmosphere pretty well.

It was also very multicultural as well, as the students here are from all over the world. The nationality I noticed missing the most was French. But, that makes sense as the only French people in contact with the school are the teachers and administrators. Anyway, here’re some pictures from the night.


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