Paris with Mom!

So I arrived in Paris around 7:30pm, on the 24th of June. Charles De Gale is different from any other airport I’ve been too. It’s much bigger, and on top of the train station. Fortunately Mom was there early, and found me while I was getting my luggage. I’m not sure I would have found my way to our designated meeting place so easily.

By the time we got to the heart of the city, it was already around 10pm, so we didn’t get to see much. But our hotel was amazing. We stayed at the Westinn, in their amazing beds. I was ready to crash, but we decided to get some food. We ate at a nearby café, and I had a burger. Then back to the hotel. We both slept pretty late. I think it was nearly noon when we got up. J

The first day, we did a bit of window shopping, and a tiny bit of real shopping too. (^_^) I have a really nice black purse, with purple interior. I love it, but I also have discovered I need a bit more black in my wardrobe. Figures that shopping leads to more shopping.

After lunch, we hit up the Louvre. This was really cool. It was definitely the biggest museum I’ve ever been in. I’m personally a fan of statues, and we got to see Venus de Milo. I was surprised at how many paintings I really liked. We’re not sure why, but we were allowed to take pictures when we went. I got to see the Mona Lisa up-close (or as close as is possible for a visitor to the museum). And my favorite painting, Verlumne et Pomone, is in the picture.

For dinner that night, we hiked up to Montmartre. It was really nice to walk, because this area is definitely an art quarter. It was cool to see the little shops and all, though I don’t really know how people live there with the hills so steep. We ate at a café up there, and then headed back to the Westinn.

The next day, we went straight for the Eiffel Tower. This is crazy high, the top level reaching 1,063 feet. We made it to the first level, which is 187 feet off the ground. Taking the stairs up is hard, wish there was an elevator in operation that day.

After the Tour, we saw the Arc De Triumph, which you could actually see from the Louvre’s arc. It’s really amazing that they to arcs are lined up exactly, especially considering it was built before the technology we have today existed. Mom said that it wouldn’t be easy to get them to line up as exactly with the technology we have today.

Then we did some actual window shopping in the area. This was a lot of fun. We stopped in the Nike store, and found a pair of shoes that had to be cut from the same fabric as the shirt I was wearing. We got in trouble for taking the picture, but I think the guy let us off when I tried to tell him that the shoe matched. We also stopped in the show rooms for Toyota and Renault. I was surprised by Toyota, because it really wasn’t as exciting as I expected. But I found my next car at Renault.

The next day we headed on our way, and that was our stay in Paris.


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