M’s Cafe

Just because I really loved this café, and I hope they never go out of business for lack of customers, I thought I’d tell as many people as possible about it in the event they are in 枚方市<Hirakata City> and are looking for a delicious meal.

Usually, the café had different set menus. My favorite was the after lunch menu. In this, you would get a salad, pasta, cake of your choice, and a drink for around 1200. (I think that was the price.) The food was truly delicious. My favorite was the eggplant past with tomato sauce.

They also had something of a bar available as well. There was a nice selection of liqueurs available, as well as a wine list.

The atmosphere of the café was very relaxed. There was always good music playing and you were rarely pressured to hurry. This is definitely a place you should visit if you find yourself in Hirakatashi. Be it as a Kansai Gaidai student, or another reason.



Walking directions from the station:

Coming out of the station at the Starbucks/ Tsutaya Rental exit, turn left and walk up the little walkway. The very last street before you come to a crosswalk, turn right. (If you see SATY, a shoe-store to your right, you’ve gone too far.) You should see the entrance to M’s café on the right, but if you get to a parking lot, and haven’t seen it, then you’ve gone too far. I often used that parking lot to park my bicycle when visiting the café.


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