Brownies with Tsubasa!

Tsubasa and I decided to make brownies (on the 15th of June). This was a lot of fun, because we were following directions for America, and using equipment for Japan. So, while 1 cup in America equals 250 ml, 1 cup in Japan equals only 200ml. So, we spent time converting all the ingredients and temperature of the oven.

And we got to mixing the batter. Having used the smallest possible sewing scissors to open the package, it was almost surprising that the bowl was actually big enough to hold all of the batter.

After taste testing the batter, we poured it into molds to bake. The baking was almost torture, because it smelled so good, and we couldn’t wait to eat some! We had the idea of adding Hershey kisses to them as well. This provided some confusion when we tried to test them with a toothpick to make sure it was done, and it kept coming up wet.

But, in the end, they were really delicious.


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