Bunpaku – The Clubs’ New Student Exhibition

Friday, June 6th, I rejoined ZERO for dance project. ZERO is the name of the street-dance club. There are many different categories: Hip hop (girls/boys), Break Dance (girls/boys), Lock, House, etc. The type of dance I was in is called POP. To see it, look it up on YouTube. AFROISM is a pretty good three-man group、and a good way to get an idea.

Anyway, at Bunpaku, we had a show to do, and Bunpaku was that Sunday. So, I had essentially one day to learn the entire routine, as I had been away with my parents, and moving out of my apartment before that. Even so, I managed to learn most of the routine by practicing all of Saturday.

Our plan was to meet at the school at about 12 for practice, but I convinced some of the girls to meet me their earlier to teach me the steps. We practiced until 6pm at the school, and then Judy, Chise, and I went to the station for practice. At 8p, Soucho, our captain, showed up to help us out, and we practiced until 10:30pm.

To the right is the only picture I have that includes myself, but it’s really silly. We called it the “bust” pose. It’s mainly a joke for use because the only words in our music were “bust, bust, bust,” in the beginning and the middle.

Overall, the show was a lot of fun. I really enjoyed dancing with my friends in front of a lot of people. I understand why people love a cheering crowd anyway. I’m glad that they let me join in even though I had missed two straight weeks of practice, and it was a pain to get me caught up.

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