Simple Plan!

So, the night after the International Student Graduation, I went to RockRock with some friends for a good-bye type deal!

Jessi, Simon, and I.

That was a lot of fun! The rest of our group wore these really awesome wigs, and I wish I had had one. But, hey, I didn’t need the wig (^_~).

Coincidentally, Simple Plan was also digging RockRock that night. Here is me with Sebastien Lefebvre:

And he gave me three tickets to his concert at Nanba Hatch that monday (the 26th)! That was really awesome! The place was just big enough. I usually prefer smaller concerts because I can’t see far away and I don’t want to pay to not actually see the band. But, I really liked these guys live, and I’m thinking I might actually go see them again.

Anyway, Sebastien was really cool about the tickets. When he first offered me the tickets, I said I couldn’t make it cause my parents were visiting, and so he gave me two more! Way cool. Unfortunately, some of my friends gave me a hard time about my parents coming (“parents = not cool”). But, that was really silly since my friends didn’t even like the music, and stayed at the concert for about a total of 3o minutes. My parents just disappeared and had a good time.

I also had a great time.


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