The End is In View…

So, I’ve been crazy busy lately. And I attribute this primarily to the fact that my year abroad is coming to an end. My life as a Gaidai Student officially ends May 24th. (T.T)

The run-down of this past week:

  • Rock Rock (x2)
  • Part-time Job
  • Video Game day (lack of money)
  • Dinner with Kris
  • Bashir needs to crash
  • ZERO Dance-off (school competition)
  • Start studying French
  • Play pool at Ring
  • Dinner with Tsubasa
  • Studying Randomly
  • School/ Classes

That list is in no particular order really. But, see how much you can fit into a week! I challenge you! Actually, I probably could have done more if I had more money to spend. I usually start the week on friday, but i started a day early last week, and it was pretty much gone by sunday. >_< Fortunately, I’ve been smart enough to have food in my fridge for such events!

Next week (starting tomorrow/thurs) looks like:

  • school
  • Aquarium
  • Koji’s Birthday
  • Do my E. Asia Bus. Project
  • Karaoke with Tsubasa
  • Fushimi Inari with Sayaka
  • Round 1 (double date?)
  • Sweets Paradise with Ayumi
  • Meet up with Atsushi (科も知れない・・)
  • Takoyaki Party
  • Tigers’ Game (Baseball)

That is essentially in order, from tomorrow to next thurs. THough school and studying lasts throughout the week of course. And people want me to go out more than that!? Not to mention the people coming down from Tokyo that I wanna see (Hideki and Mitsu!).

Anyway, I already have plans going into May! And this makes me a little sad, as the end is near. And I’ll have to part with many good people. It also reminds me that I need to make travel arrangements (especially before the dollar falls anymore..). At least, I can stay until June, so I’m happy for that.

Right, so this has no point in mind, except that I want to say the people I know here are good people. And I want to keep in touch with them. But I’ll say that, probably a couple more times (^_~)

Later all.


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