Birthday Continued!!

So, I didn’t expect it, but Friday was also pretty eventful! I finally was able to get my bicycle back, thanks to Yumi! Afterword, I met with Tsubasa at the cafe. It was the first time that we were able to have a conversation in Japanese (mainly because we were both busy a lot, and didn’t get to see each other). It was a really good experience for me. At about 6p, we met Kris at the station, and headed to M’s Cafe (my new favorite – it’s in Hirakata-shi near VIVRE). Shortly after, Makiko arrived, and we had dinner. M’s Cafe is italian, and they make really good pasta, and (on Kris’s word) sandwiches!

After finishing dinner and conversing for a couple hours, we decided to head to RING for some karaoke. But, as I am now legal in Japan, we wanted to get some alcohol. So Kris and I split a 400¥ bottle of Nihon-shu and mixed our own drinks through the drink bar. Really, it wasn’t a lot. Around 11, Makiko had to catch the train home, and the rest of us decided to switch to pool! This was a lot of fun, and Tsubasa learned pretty fast. Wade showed up, and Kris left at 12:30.

While Tsubasa and Wade took a break to play table tennis, I practiced pool (because 1) i’m not especially decent at table tennis, and 2) I wanted a chance to practice some more difficult shots). At this point, a drunk salary man starts cheering for me every time I make a good shot. And then he asked if his friends could join and play with us. So they all came, but it didn’t last long, because with my friends that made 7 people on one table. After a while, it dwindled down to two people per team, plus one extraordinarily drunk guy who wouldn’t talk due to his impairment (officially on my team).

Well, I was about to shoot, but he wanted to. So I said go ahead, but he couldn’t shoot without being told what to do by his friend, and he went to ask. The rest told me to shoot, so I did, and he saw and motioned for me to stop so he could have the next shot (since I sunk it). So I backed off and he went to get his friend again; of course I took the shot while he was trying to convince his friend. And then the third shot, which I missed. At this point, he got mad at his friend and hit him over the back with the que, causing the que to break!

Of course, the staff at the RING were mad, and wanted him to pay. He had a hard time understanding this, and got annoyed when he couldn’t find his wallet. So, he tried to fight the staff! He was wicked drunk, and obviously didn’t know how to fight, but to be safe I made Tsubasa back off a bit more with me. No use getting into a fight for no reason. At about this point, one of his friends stepped in and helped out. The guy paid for the que, and went back to his Karaoke room. This looked like the end of everything, and I was surprised because they were still allowed to be there. But, then, as we were playing out the rest of our time, four police officers arrived! They talked with the staff and the salary men group, and eventually left. Then our time was up, so we left too.

And that was Friday.


To start out Sat., I went to Shinsaibashi to have lunch and shop with Aiko! We went to this really good Mexican restaurant, that I’d really like to go back to. Probably I will sometime before school’s over. (Actually, already an idea forming!). Anyway, that was really good food. I had enchiladas.

Afterword, we went to Zara and whatever other stores caught our interest between Shinsaibashi and Nanba Parks. I was looking for some clothes that would be appropriate to wear to my new internship. And Aiko wanted to get another suit for work. She found a really nice gray pinstripe. I found a couple shirts, but I think I need a pair of brown dress pants (so I don’t have to wear my black boots all the time), and a few more shorts. But, as long as I wear something high than the level of Jeans, I should be fine.

At 5:30, I met Sayaka to head back to Hirakata-shi, to meet some friends for dinner. I accidentally planned a party where I was the common denominator. So we had 8 people for dinner. And we went to my favorite オムライス (omu-rice) place. Of course, I have great taste in food, and a lot of people were surprised that where I went was really good; normally one wouldn’t think of オムライス as a nicer meal, but at this place it was!

After dinner, we went to RING! (Do you see the pattern here?) Two more people joined us going in, so we started with 10 people for karaoke. Which meant we got the big room. Through-out the night, different people came and went, and it was a really good time. I had a lot of fun, and I got to play pool with Tatsuya and Naoto too! Naoto looks like he’s really strong, and Tatsuya is definitely above average in ability. So I hope I can go play with those guys again soon!

Amy and Kris stayed the night at my house since it was late and all.


We got up pretty late, but Amy and I woke up and slept off and on from about 7 (my alarm went off ^^;). My neighbor moved out, and apparently, my apartment company decided Sunday starting around 6:30a (?) would be the best possible time to clean the apartment. This included scrubbing the wall connected to my apartment for something like 4 hours….

Anyway, we made (and by we I mean I cooked and they watched) French Toast and scrambled eggs for breakfast. I was actually surprised that they didn’t make it the same way, since I thought it was standard.

1) For 6 pieces of bread, scramble 4 eggs with a little bit of milk until fluffy
2) Heat the pan just above medium and add a little bit of margarine to avoid sticking (every couple pieces of bread)
3) Coat both sides of bread in scrambled egg, and transfer into pan
4) Dust bread with sugar and cinnamon; flip and repeat (before the egg cooks all the way
5) When one side is lightly browned, flip and repeat.
* Repeat until you run out of bread

Add a couple eggs to already scrambled ones and re-scramble to have scrambled eggs as a side. Make sure to wait until the pan cools to medium low before cooking them. Then push the cooked egg to the center until its no longer liquid. Try not to let it form as one piece by not letting it sit on the same spot for too long.

And there you have french toast and scrambled eggs.

After eating, we watched “Becoming Jane.” It wasn’t what I was expecting, but I liked it.

Sunday Night

I finally met up with ‘K’ who I was supposed to go out with forever ago. He asked me to help him with English, which I did. Then, he wanted to go relax, and so he treated me to dinner and drinks at a nice restaurant! I had a good time, so I hope I can go out with him again soon. 🙂


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