Birthday だったよ!!!

So, yesterday was my Birthday! It’s kind of funny, because most of my friends complain that they are getting old on their birthdays. This is silly, because 1) they are, typically, most definitely not old, and 2) because they clearly want to secretly enjoy that it’s their birthday. But, anyway, I love my birthday, (probably this is supported by the fact my family kind of does a birthday week…). And I definitely don’t mind getting older. I want to enjoy each part of my life, and for that, I have to keep “growing-up” and going through different stages.

Anyway, this was a pretty exciting day for me. I had a lunch interview with the ATO – Osaka (the agricultural trade office), and I’ve been hired. So I start my internship next week. I was so nervous before, because I had never had a lunch interview before, and I had never had an interview for such a job before (only small stuff really). But it wasn’y exactly what I expected. We had an interview first, and then went to lunch.

But the point is I got the position!!!

At school, I was able to enjoy the Happy Birthday comments (and enjoy these I do!). As well as a very loud rendition of Happy Birthday in the CIE lounge. Embarrassing though it was, it made me happy. 🙂

At night I went to my host-family’s (llast semester) for a birthday dinner! This was sooooo good. My host mom is a great cook. We had ceremonial rice with red-beans in them, sashimi salad, niku-jagga (since I like it), and tempura. It was great. And, she made a cake! It looked store bought! It was a white cake with chocolate cream frosting (that I’m now eating for breakfast ^_^;).

They also gave me some nice presents! I received a minuter rose plant for my apartment, a nice shade of chanel lipstick, candy, and a traditional cake thing! The card from them is really cute too! It sings the happy birthday tune!

Still waiting on the package from my Mom. It came yesterday while I was in class, so they’re trying again this morning. And Dad sent a nice card!

Yay for Birthdays!!!!

~~~~To be continued on Saturday Night~~~~


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