Aikido Breakthrough~!

So today wasn’t an overly exceptional day. I was tired and really wanted to sleep instead of go to Aikido class. But I missed the last few classes (a cold and mid-terms), so I needed to go, for my body and my image within the dojo.

I’m really glad I did go. I think this is the first class I participated in everything that went on instead of doing extra ukemi (rolls/falls) practice. Every exercise, I’d start of not understanding. But, by the end of the round of practice, I’d be able to complete the technique at a reasonable speed! And, I was even able to be instructed in Japanese, which was particularly exciting for me.

I did a lot of work with Ayano. She’s a cute lady, maybe early 40s? I’m not really sure, but I was paired with her maybe three or four times. I like her, because she tried to explain to me what I was doing wrong, and the, for lack of a better word, aura didn’t feel tense or impatient when I was beginning to learn the technique.

This class, I really felt a lot better about my technique. I still suck by a lot of means, but I am improving, and that’s what matters to me. To think that I almost didn’t go to class because I have a quiz tomorrow and an interview for a big Internship (that I’m so nervous for that I catch my-self shaking a bit). But after class I couldn’t stop smiling because I was happy I went.

I also talked to some of the women in the class for the first time today. I guess they weren’t sure of my Japanese and all that. It’s shaky, but I can understand others, and get my point across most of the time. So I feel like I’m included a little more in the group. There was also another guy, I think his name was Noebu, who looked new to me, but after word I found that it’s just been a long time for him. It works out that we’re at about the same level. We talked a bit after about snorkeling and catching fish.

Overall, I moved further into the group and progressed my ability, so it was an exceptionally good aikido day! Another plus is I’m more relaxed that I was. I really can’t go long without some form of M.A. practice, or I get too tense.


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