“What’s in YOUR wallet???”

So, I decide to go get something to drink at the Convenience store. And what should I find as I’m leaving my apartment building?? Of course, it was a wallet. A boy’s brown wallet at that.  First, I wanted to just leave it; but, me being me, I felt guilty, because what if someone came and stole it, and I could have prevented that by taking it to the police?

This was an incredibly interesting experience for me, both because it was conducted in Japanese, and because I think the procedures are slightly different than in the US.  To get there, I had to ask where the nearest police box was, and then walk maybe 3 minutes.

When I arrived, there were two other people there, plus the officer. He called for backup (haha), but it didn’t arrive until after they had left. To begin with, he took everything out of the wallet. This surprised me, because if my wallet was found, I’d want the order I’ve made up to remain. But, on the other time, the wallet was lost.

Looking at all this guys stuff, I got a bit of a feel for the guy. First, he was Japanese (can tell from the shape, and the fact that his name was in… Japanese).  Also, he’s a brown wallet guy, not black. He chose English over French (typically you can buy merchandise with foreign words on it, and French or English are what I see the most often). And, he has a ton of cards inside.

First, there were about 7 different prepaid bus/train passes. He had a lot of memberships to different hair salons. Receipts, coupons, etc. All this kind of says that he likes to have options as to where he’s going/shopping, a little concerned about money when the opportunity is there, and that he keeps track of where he’s been. He also rent’s videos at Tsutaya (the video rental with the most foreign videos available).

My guess is that he’s probably a GaiDai student. He also either lives here, or has a friend who lives here (i.e. my apartment building), since i found the wallet open and face down on the stairs leading into the building. Hopefully, he contacts the police to get it back.

Of course, looking at the contents of his wallet, I wondered what my wallet would say about me. My wallet is black with blue trim, and it folds. I have:

  • membership cards to:
    • Wakaba (grocery store)
    • Tsutaya
    • Ring
    • Yodoyabashi (gold card)
    • Hack le berry (can’t actually remember this place)
    • Mario Cart
    • Honey Comb
  • two coupons
  • A calender from a book-store
  • two credit cards
  • 1062¥

Of course, then there’s the question of what you don’t have in your wallet, and what that says about you. Because it was a guys wallet, I remembered back to the first time I saw inside a few of my guy friends’ wallets. They all had condoms. (haha)

Anyway, just a thought. Maybe I’ll expand on it later, as I really need to start studying for tomorrow’s Japanese mid-term.


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