“microserfs” – Douglas Coupland

“..a handful of misfit Microsoft employees who realize that they don’t have lives and subsequently become determined to get lives inside the lightning-paced world of high-tech 1990’s geek culture.

” Amid a Seattle backdrop of software corporate cultishness (“B-B-B-B-Bill!”)and the financial terror of San Francisco and Silicon Valley tech startups, the members of Coupland’s quirky ensemble “stick a piece of dynamite inside themselves, like a cartoon cat, in the hopes that when they reassemble their exploded pieces they will be somebody different.””  (The back cover)

Typically, I hate books written in this style, and had I not bought it on the internet, I would have put the book back down after flipping through the pages. But, I’m glad I did buy this, because it was actually a really gripping read.

It’s set up in the journal format, and but doesn’t give a better description of dates other than the day of the week. It pretty much contains anything semi-interesting that goes on in the main characters life. This includes his relationship with Karla, rediscovering his body (through shiatsu), and experimentation with what’s really important about life.

It was incredibly geeky and a lot of fun to read. It brings up topics most people are afraid to really think about. Or to acknowledge that they’ve thought about it.

Anyway, good book.


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