Graduation Party

So, I promised I’d write about this today.

Joining the group was: Sayaka, Hideki, Saori, Mitsu, Mina, Mao, Kaoru, and Amanda (Kaoru’s friend from America).
Mitsu brought some really awesome champagne,  Moutard’s Rose De Cuvaison. We toasted the graduates, and then got on to the food! Unfortunately, Mina had to leave at 8, and Kaoru and Amanda followed shortly after. They did stick around long enough to make the pizza dough and have some snacks though!

After the dough rose enough (we couldn’t wait actually), we started making pizzas. And experimenting with toppings. We had: cheese, olives, mushrooms, bacon, kimuchi (the korean dish), pepperoni, and tomatoes. Surprisingly, kimuchi actually tastes pretty good on pizza. My favorites were: A) Tomato, pepperoni, olives, mushrooms, and cheese, and B)kimuchi, bacon, mushrooms, and cheese.

The pizza’s I made are a family recipe, and specifically designed to be fast and made to order. But, we ended up just dividing two into eight pieces and sharing between us.  It was a lot of fun, and I’m glad we all had the opportunity to be together before everyone starts their “adult” lives.

Speaking of which, I’m torn between wanting to start and wanting to be a “college kid” for a couple more years… gotta figure out what I want to do…

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