Email Response Time

So, my student didn’t know we had a lesson today, and I wound up playing Zelda. All day. Exciting. Except not really. So, instead I’m going to rant a little about email response time.

When you live somewhere that’s 13+ hours ahead of where most of your friends and family live, a lot of your relationships depend on email (this is perhaps why it might be good to pay a little more attention in english class; or maybe they should have a new class all together: writing emails 101).

Of all the things about email I could rant about (spam, fwds, CAPS LOCK, txt short hand), the thing that gets me the most is how long it sometimes takes to get an answer. I’m pretty bad about this myself.. on average I take up to two or three days to answer. Sometimes longer. But I always answer.  I wrote one of my friends an email about two weeks ago, and still no reply. Another friend was going to be near by, and I wanted to get together since it’s been so long, but of course, no answer.

My favorite are the people who take over three weeks to answer, if at all, and then complain that I don’t keep them informed. Unfortunately, my keeping them up to date partially requires them to check their email. Except, now I have this blog… so no more complaints. (^_^)

Anyway, that’s essentially my rant. I take the time to think about the emails I write, and the responses I write, so I wish it were more common to do the same in a timely manner.


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