M’s Cafe!

So, today I got to meet up with Sayaka (who’s been in Fl for the last two weeks). I always have fun talking with her, and she know’s the best cake shops!

Today we went to M’s Cafe. It’s an italian place, and really really good. I had the Sicilian Eggplant pasta. It was the after lunch set, and just the right size to have cake for dessert. Sayaka and I shared this really good chocolate cake, and a really good almond cake. It was great.

We talked a little about florida, and of course the inevitable girl talk about boys. Her boyfriend is really cute… they’ve been dating for a long time and he still postures for her. But, maybe he should take care to tell her his real feelings a bit, or she might not know.

Of course, talking about her boy led to the inevitable my love life. Which is barren, except not completely. Just full of false starts. And she mentioned Yusuke, and her thoughts about what happened then. If she’s right (which she probably is), it’s a shame that things worked out the way they did. If he had tried talking to me a bit more, we probably wouldn’t have broken up; at least not then.

But that’s usual for guys, at least around my age. They don’t talk enough, and so things get a little messed up. And sometimes a lot messed up. Maybe I’m a bit more extreme, but I think talking about things you’re concerned about is the best way to go. Cause, you probably don’t know what the other person’s true motives were. But, that works for any relationship… not just boyfriends.

Anyway, that’s my 2 cents.

We also went to what used to be VIVRE, and found a present for her Grandma’s birthday. I bought a tea pot. 🙂 I also bought some books to read so I can improve my japanese! But that was at bookoff.

So that was today. Love Cake!


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