St. Patrick’s Day

So, Monday was Saint Patrick’s Day. (^_^)v

To begin with, I didn’t really remember. Living in Japan has the side effect of forgetting holidays common in America.

But, not to worry! My Mom called that morning, since she was at a hockey game sat. night. (Lightning Hockey – Marty Scored, We Won!). Anyway, time difference means her saturday night equals my sunday morning. So she called me on my monday morning. Anyway, during this conversation, she reminded me of the holiday. Fortunately, I was already wearing green.

After word, I started the walk to Seminar House 4, to meet up with Jessi to color eggs and eat homemade bread. Our little party included Jessi, Anna, Heidi, Marina, myself, and Taka (who slept most of the time).

Later, Taka and I planned to go play pool. But I had bought pork the day before, and if I didn’t cook it monday, it would have gone bad. Orriginally, I wanted to make Nikujaga (cause I love it), but I’m so glad I made Cabbage stew instead. It surprisingly came out really good. I based what I did off of a memory eating Cabbage stew when I was somewhere around 8yrs old (eating only, i didnt see the process to make it).

Anyway, this is what I did:

  • half a cabbage
  • 6 small potatos
  • one large carrot
  • one package of pork (it was thin)
  • one onion

First, I broke up the cabbage and peeled the potatos. Boiled them in a bot 2/3 filled with water. (I should have added the carrot at this point). I salted the water before it boiled, it was maybe a quarter (the coin)’s worth.
In a frying pan, I half-steamed half-fried the onion and meat together. I accomplished this by putting a hand full of water in the pan and covering it. When the water evaporated, I let it fry a bit. This cooked until the pork was done and the onions were soft. I seasoned this with white pepper, black pepper, tarragon, and a sprinkling amount of sugar.
Before adding the pork and onion to the rest of the stew, I seasoned it with White Pepper. Actually, my pot was too small, so I halved it into another. (adding just a bit more water, maybe 1/4 of a cup). I also added the carrots at this time.
This I let simmer for at least an hour. Probably more. Salt to taste (but under salt it because the taste is a bit stronger the next day).

My Tiny Kitchen


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