Sick Day

Yeah, so I was never really the kid who liked staying home sick. After a couple hours, I’m itching to get out and do something fun. But I managed to catch a cold at some point this week, and so I’ve been home since Monday Night.

Today wasn’t a complete waste though. First, I looked up Bartending Schools for when I get back. I decided on American Bartending School (you know, 1-800-bartend). It’s in Tampa, and has a two week course for $150. It’s forty hours, so I’ll go every week-night for two weeks. And, after I complete it, they’ll help me get a job.

I also figured out the schedule I want to take for Fall ’08. Here it is:

  • MWF   9:30-10:45       LIT 3451 (Literature and the Occult)
  • MW     11:35-12:50     MAN 4282 (Organizational Assessment)
  •             1:05-2:20         MAR 3400 (Professional Selling)
  •             2:35-3:50         MAN 4600 (International Management)
  • TR       9:30-10:45       MAR 4156 (International Marketing)
  •             11:00-12:15     ANT 4241 (Magic and Religion)

The LIT and ANT courses are my exit reqs. Should be fun and easy. The rest of the classes should be interesting, but not too difficult. And, hopefully I’ll work weekend nights. And I worked two nights during the week, that wouldnt be too bad. Probably working Monday and Wednesday nights would be best, because I could take a nap Tuesday and Thursday afternoons.

Yeah, that’s about all. I should study a little.


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