From NO Electricity to Aikido

So today I woke up with NO electricity! At first I didn’t realize that the electricity was off, I thought that maybe my heater just stopped for some reason. It was so cold, so I delayed getting up. But then I tried to go brush my teeth, and the light wasn’t working either!

Of course, I thought the breaker must have blown. And that made sense because I heard something that sounded like that last night when I was getting ready for bed, but I then I was thinking it was something in my neighbor’s apartment. So I went to switch it back on. Of course, it didn’t work. Even though I fought with it for around 10 minutes to turn it on.

So then I thought, “maybe Leopalace* actually had a limit to how much electricity I could use during my time here, and I just didn’t get that information.” (Leopalace is my apartment company, they had made me pay in advance because I wouldn’t be in Japan for 10+ months from the time I started renting.) This would be too unfair! No warning or anything!

So of course I was upset and confused on the way to my 9am class! And the whole time we were supposed to be studying new grammar, I was impatient to go to CIE and call the company to see what was up.

But Shiomi Sensei was really awesome. She worried about what I would do tonight because I can’t live without electricity really, it’s too cold. I told her I would probably stay with a friend if it didnt get fixed, and she gave me the heating packs that you attach to your clothes to stay warm.

Anyway, I went to the CIE and they called Leopalace for me. They said that the electricity was still on and everything looked good. So the CIE staff (Morisa) told me that I had to unplug everything! After all it was nothing (T_T);; So embarrassing… but I’m glad it wasn’t a worse situation.

After talking to the CIE, I was a little hyper, so I postponed studying until an hour before my test. And then I took an early lunch because after everything in the morning, I hadn’t eaten yet. At 11, I started to study. Actually, it was really very simple, because it was just Kanji and Vocabulary. So an hour was enough time. What I didn’t really know was the grammar structures they wanted me to use. So, maybe for 1/4 of the test, I will get only half credit for my answers. ::oh well::

After the test, I sat around with Ikki for a while. Actually, I stopped him from studying for the time I was around. But, I think it was the I’m annoyed entertained type deal, because he didn’t really seem that interested in studying anyway. And it was a lot of fun! ☆

I also helped Kris measure up for some bogu. He is having a difficult time deciding between a 5mm set and a 3mm. He says he wants the 4, but he doesn’t want to be that broke for something he might not be able to keep up when he goes back to America. I think it wont be a problem, he’s just not looking in the right places for groups yet. But he’s really excited about it, so I’m happy to help him. 🙂

I also had a meeting with my group for HRM in Japan. We have to give a presentation next thursday on gender inequality in the workplace, japan. It’s an interesting topic, but one of our group members and I are having creative clashes. She’s thinking that what she’s learned from a teacher is the absolute, and I’m more prone to my actual experience. It’s been difficult to follow through with everything. But, I have a plan, and I’ll let you know how it goes!

So I was pretty tired from my day, and a little unenthusiastic about getting my butt to Aikido practice today. But, as always, I’m really glad I went.

Today was the first time I was able to practice with Anna. I think she’ll be pretty good after a few more lessons. She seems to be learning reasonably fast. Though, she does need to slow down a bit when learning the moves. I know it feels better to go faster, but then you don’t learn it properly really.

I also was able to bond a little bit with some of the other members. One senior was at first kind of stand-offish. It’s probably because I’m new, and it’s difficult to teach new techniques at first. And hard to go as fast, so there’s less practice. But then we finally worked together, and I picked it up after he explained it to me slowly. After practice, he said bye to me, and something that translates to “let’s practice hard again next time.”

I also talked to another student who was my age after class. Working together with him, he saw me understand his explanation. And after thanking everyone, we talked for around 5 minutes. And he was patient with my bad japanese.

Maybe these are really little things, but it’s made me very happy, since I was afraid I wouldn’t be able to connect with the other members.

And, as per usual, I’ve managed a couple injuries. (笑) I hit my elbow again >_< and I managed to do something to my right hand, but I’m not sure what. But, of course, it’s no big deal!



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